Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Weregals Chronicles Trilogy 1 - Heather Karn

Joette McClane’s life has gone from the happiest it could ever be to heartbreak with the deaths of her parents. Now living with her grandma and aunt, trying to put the pieces of her life back together, a school assignment shocks the life back into Joey- an essay on the weregals, a race of werecats who disappeared from the mountains of West Virginia nearly twenty years ago.
As luck, or fate, would have it, not only does Joey stumble across the first weregal seen in years, but what Kev knows about Joey will turn her world upside down. But Kev’s not the only creature lurking in the West Virginia pines, and these other creatures might not be so friendly. Armed with her peculiar sense of smell, Joey and her friends set out to discover the truth behind these mysterious strangers who have their sights set on Joey, but will the price of truth be too much to pay?

After reading the blurb on the back of Heather Karn's book at a Roanoke Author Invasion, I thought, "Wow this could be an amazing book."  Let me tell you Heather did not disappoint.  I was enthralled through the whole series. I ended up buying the entire series on ebook not to mention I have Perfect Scents in print.
Joey and her world getting turned upside down when she discovers weregals and the fact that she is one. Kev, the one who lets her know she's an animal she thought was a myth captures her attention with his scent and looks.  As Joey is thrown into this new world she discovers she's unique no matter which world she's in.  
The Weregals Chronicles is very original. From the weregals having their own unique world to their history that is quite different than anything I've ever read.  If you enjoy paranormal romance with adventure that will leave you ready for the next book in the trilogies.

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