Review Policies and Rating System

Hi! My name is Tobi, I review mainly Romances, Western, Cowboy, YA, Paranormal, Fantasy, Historical etc....I'm eclectic in my Romances.  I'm open to other genres just contact me.

I am willing to participate in Blog tours, reviews and open to other options such as guest posting etc.....

If you are interested in submitting a book for me to review email me at  .

My reviews are honest and not paid for.  Some authors provide books but it doesn't have an effect on my reviews.

Thanks for your time!  <3

Rating system

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  2. I tried to email you on and and both came back.

    1. I'm so sorry my email was mistyped!

      forgethousework at gmail dot com

      And I would definitely be interested just shoot it to me!

      Thanks! <3 Tobi

  3. Hi, Tobi! My YA paranormal romance novel, THE STONE GUARDIAN, will be coming out--hopefully--this winter with Etopia Press. Until then, I'd love to stay in touch. Maybe I can shoot you an 'ARC' copy before it's released?

    If you're interested, feel free to swing by my website and check out the blurb. :)!coming-soon/c1mvz

    Thanks a lot! ;)