Friday, August 25, 2017

Saint: A Wolf's Hunger - Bella Roccaforte

Saint has always been the good wolf, until the hunger strikes. 

To be the Pack Alpha is the greatest honor a wolf can receive, but also the greatest responsibility. Saint always put the law and the pack before himself, but when a mysterious woman arrives in town and his hunger becomes insatiable, all hell breaks loose. 

Scarlet never fit in anywhere. Born without her wolf, she was sent away at birth for being a bad omen. Her bright red eyes were a dead giveaway that she wasn't human either. After twenty-five years living as an outsider, her mother brings her home; there's still no place for Scarlet among the pack, and she tries to go on the run...again. 

Though an inexplicable force keeps Scarlet from leaving, is it her wolf? Or the handsome young Alpha she meets on the road? 

Saint has found his mate, but will Scarlet find her wolf in time to save Saint from losing himself to his wolf forever?

Saint is a fast paced shifter romance that keeps you on the edge of your toes until the very last page. The plot is unique and fascinating.  The suspense is enough to make you have a minor panic attack for the characters. Saint and Scarlet are a perfect fit. I love Saint's loyalty and faith in Scarlet and helping her find her lost wolf. His determination to find the witch who helped birth her to figure out how she was born without a wolf shows his love for Scarlet.
If you enjoy edge of your seat paranormal romance with sexy wolves and quirky witches I highly recommend reading Saint: A Wolf's Hunger.

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