Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blog Tour Review: Becoming a Butterfly

Have you ever been bullied, felt like the loser of your class? Did you do anything to change the fact? Lacey did. All her school years being teased "Lacey-bracey-four-eyed-facey". Lacey and her friends Jade and Tasha decide to have fun taking pics in her moms clothes from growing up with wigs on. They decide to create a profile as Farah and the character takes a life of its own being able to say what she thinks to whomever she wants. Her lifelong crush notices, Henry. They start talking all going well. Then, the new kid, Chase discovers Farrah's identity and blackmails her. Will all work out with Henry or does it take a disaster to make her see the one who truly cares about her?

How Distracted Did I Get?

Again, as with a previous review, I had issues with the cruelty to the main character.  Lacey gets through the tough in her life.  She's tough and sweet and a bit naive.  As with typical puberty years there are ups and downs and craziness.

I reccomend this book if you enjoy YA novels Becoming a Butterfly is a good read that once I got to reading the story I was unable to put my kindle down.

I gave this book 4 Baskets!

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  1. Sounds like an amazing read! Bullying is such an endemic problem for teenage girls and young women, and it's wonderful to hear that authors are writing "take heart" type stories. Intriguing title, too! Thanks for flagging this up, and congrats to Mia!

  2. Thanks Nikki! It really is a great book! I'm getting several books lately that are bringing attention to the bullying! <3