Thursday, June 28, 2018

Can't Be Love - Julie Trettel
Lily Westin has waited her entire life to find her one true mate. She has big dreams and expectations of what her perfect man will be like. A dreamer and a lover, Lily patiently waits as each of her siblings finds their mate, just waiting for the day she feels the tingle run down her spine and her happily ever after finally begins.

But what happens when reality doesn’t live up to expectations?

Thomas Collier is future Alpha of the Collier Pack. While from the outside he looks like he has the world at his fingertips, in truth, life hasn’t been so easy for him. He’s never really given much thought into a true mate and is ready to settle for a compatible one, until he catches the scent of the one woman he is destined to be with. Now he must convince her that he’s not the man she thinks he is.

Thomas and Lily already have a connected past, with many predetermined assumptions. Can they get past what they think they know of each other to find true love? Or will stubborn pride keep them from their happily ever after?

I've been waiting for Lily's book! I couldn't wait to see how she did with her one true mate. She didn't disappoint. It's the last wolf she wanted or expected and her bff/sister-in-law's brother, Thomas. Thomas was over protected after his sister disappeared. When he came of age he left and rarely came back. He never knew that might have an impact on his one true mate. They have a battle together deciding how to handle the fact that they're true mates. Thomas, though it irked me he had given in and was about to settle for a compatible mate he did impress me as he did the right thing through the entire book. Lily, how I love her. Always telling her siblings they're crazy for fighting their bonding with their one true mate... She's fun and definitely someone you'd want to be friends with. I enjoyed meeting the different members of the Collier pack and can't wait to meet more soon!
This is the perfect finale for an amazing series from Julie Trettel! Everything about the Westin Pack wrapped up with one neat bow.  I can't wait for the spin-offs that are coming soon for any new or remaining questions that might be had. Oh Cole, how I can't wait to read your book! <3 If you're looking for an amazing shifter series I highly recommend digging in and starting from beginning and working your way to the end so you can enjoy all the sexy shifterness that is The Westin Pack Series

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