Monday, June 25, 2018

What Happens in Summer - Caridad Pineiro
She knows the kind of man he is;
The kind who breaks hearts.
But a hot summer at the Jersey Shore
Might be just what they need to light up their lives…

As the only daughter of a single mom, Connie Reyes swore she would never put herself or her child in a similar position. But when she runs into oh so tempting Jonathan Pierce at a wedding, she knows she must stay away. She'll fall for him—hard. And he's not the type to stick around.
Ever since he left town after their teenaged fling, Jonathan hasn't been able to forget about Connie. He can't wait for the wedding—to show her the man he's become. And when the night finally comes, their mutual desire will lead to unexpected consequences neither of them were prepared for…

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 I enjoyed this story thoroughly. Connie and Jonathan's chemistry and connection is undeniable and explosive. Jonathan is a self made man. Not following the footsteps his father wanted he became independently wealthy. He's sweet and sexy and always there for his brother and friends, Connie too. Connie told him she didn't want a relationship if he didn't have a plan when he decided to quit college. She seems to forget that when he appears back in town. She drove me a bit nuts insisting he left when she shoved him away. Though I did like her other than that. She's funny and loyal. The secondary characters keep the story flowing and woven like a beautiful tapestry. I can't wait for Emma's book.  Dying. Yeppers, dying.
If you enjoy a fun, steamy romance that keeps you engaged from beginning to end I recommend reading What Happens In Summer.

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  1. Thank you so so much for taking the time to read and review the book and letting me visit with you! You Rock!