Monday, March 5, 2012

Review: Branson's Beauty by LeAnn Coston

After an accident Connie moves back to Missouri to raise her niece in a safer town than where her twin sister was shot while driving.  Sarah, her niece, witnessed it and is having a difficult time coming out of her shell.  The thing that works is Connie's singing.  Back in her hometown, Springfield,  she wants to avoid the former love of her life Chance, who now runs the Branson show his father and uncle started.  A main singer in the show has an accident and is unable to perform.  Chance decides to call Connie.

This story had amazing potential.  I thoroughly enjoyed the character of Connie in the beginning she was confident and trying to be strong about seeing the love of her life again.  She was strong for her niece supporting her in agreeing to be in the show because it made her niece happy.

At first in the book Chance seemed to think he was a victim too.  Come to find out not so much, but in his eyes he was, in a way.

The story progressed nicely.  Flashbacks for both characters slowly to discover what happened in the past along with the current story for most of the story.

Alas, my heartbreak and the end of the book.  I feel the ending was extremely rushed to an end.  There could have been at least a hundred more pages to progress after Connie and Chance truly discovered the truth to the past and to work on forgiveness.  I do know this is a romance and not real but I feel Connie lost her backbone in the end.  There could be more realism especially with a storyline such as this.

I hope you enjoy my first Blog review.  I have been reviewing on Amazon anonymously but I felt like I wanted to start a blog and get some books out there and to peoples attention.
Thanks for your time!

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