Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Review: Nearly Departed by Ann Charles

If you like a little paranormal, a lot of mystery, some romance and a little comedy this book is absolutely for you!  I loved it.  Girls going missing in Deadwood, S. Dakota that look very much like the main character, Violet's daughter. 

Violet is a great character she is normal with kids.  She has nine year old twins Addy and Layne (boy).  She has insecurities about how her body looks. (after having twins myself and knowing exactly how she feels...it's nice to have a character who isn't perfect) Violet is strong willed, witty and sassy.  Not the typical mom you think of in books.  She is a real estate agent who has a month to sell a house before she will be let go.  With a supportive coworker and an annoying butt headed coworker it's a great base for all the mystery in the book.  However, you will want to beat the living tar out of Ray the butt head.  She has 2 men interested and trying to sell one's house and trying to sell a house to the other.  Also, on the man front is Harvey an older man who's house she is trying to sell and Jeff the father of Addy's friend Kelly.   And no female lead is complete without a bff, Natalie.

Wolfgang man number 1 is the dashing rich boy who hires her to sell his mother's creepy clown filled house. He's smooth talking and gorgeous need there be more?

D.R. Nyce "Doc" gorgeous neighbor at work who she is trying to find a house for.  She doesn't want to be attracted to him but boy is the chemistry there but by the end of the book Natalie (bff) has "staked her claim" on him thinking he's the one.

Natalie bff who is swearing off men but reminds me of the a former friend who always ended up going for the guys I liked and knew it.  Though for Natalie's benefit she doesn't know of the "chemistry".  She is a carpenter so go girl power!

Harvey is hilarious most of the comedy in this book has him in the scene.  He has no sensors on what he says.  And watch out for his Bessie.

Jeff the creepy dad of Kelly, Addy's bff.  His wife is leaving him for another girl so he's on the prowl.

Please go on an adventure with Violet and her family and friends to find out who keeps kidnapping the little girls who look like Addy.   It will be well worth your time I finished it in a day and a half. 

Thanks for your time.  I believe I will work on my review for Kissed in Paris next by Juliette Sobanet.

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