Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Review: Optical Delusions in Deadwood by Ann Charles

We come back to visit Violet and her rag tag group.  She is more spunky but the ground is laid for most characters, so, Ms. Charles can explore more of their personalities.

Violet is being followed by a string of vandalism as she tries to sell another house.  The Carharts house is plagued with a long history of murders.  The Carhart's choose Violet because she is willing to sell haunted houses.

Harvey is still cracking me up but watch out for Russel.  He may pop up in conversation.

We learn more about her Aunt Zoey, who Violet and her kids live with.  She has a history with the Fire Chief.  Can't wait to see where that goes.

Natalie still has her claim "staked" on doc who she thinks she is in love with.

Doc is still hot and steamy. 

The children were more backdrops this time maybe there will be more of them in the next book.

Ok, now a little rant.  I can handle some cuss words the f bomb here and there.  But the four letter C word I don't like.  It was dropped left and right towards the end.  I do believe there are more creative words to use as a descriptive.  Off my high horse.

I hope this was helpful it is very difficult to review a sequel but there you have it.  I'll do kissed in Paris tomorrow or Friday.<3

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