Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Love Lessons - Christine Feldman

Romance Self-assured Nadia Normandy knows everything there is to know about men and dating, which seems to be why little old Mrs. Beasley maneuvers her into taking unsuspecting and bookish accountant Benji Garner under her wing. Her mission? Shape him up for the opposite sex, preferably in time for New Year’s Eve.

A challenge? Sure, but Nadia discovers that Benji’s got a charm all his own, and she finds herself avoiding her usual social scene in favor of time spent with him—all in the name of mentoring him, of course.

Except that after a while, it starts to feel less like mentoring and more like something else—which could present a problem, because just as Nadia begins to realize she didn’t know quite as much about men as she thought, other women are starting to notice her unlikely protégé.

Much like Nadia is beginning to notice him in a whole new way herself…

First thoughts after….
I can't wait for the next!

How distracted did I get?
Love Lessons is a fun sweet romance.  The perfect length for a evening at home or read for the beach!  It was fun getting to know Nadia's character and her thoughts on relationships between men and women.  Benji, man I would love to read his pov.  But who knew accountants could be so hot!? ;)  
I give Love Lessons…..

5 Baskets!

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