Sunday, September 21, 2014

#Free for a Limited Time Granted Redemption - Katie Mettner


Psalm 23: Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…..

A lifetime ago Grant Harris was an Australian surfer at the top of his sport, until one wave changed everything. Fifteen years later, Grant has become bitter, lonely, and disillusioned. Hoping to jump start his career he accepts a position in Duluth Minnesota, with no way of knowing how quickly his life was about to change.

A lifetime ago Carla Coffers was a runaway teen with no family, no money and no hope for a future. Fifteen years later, she’s a successful business woman as owner of Carla's Kinky Café, on beautiful Lake Superior. Her friends think she’s got it all, but Carla still yearns for the one thing she never had.

A cup of coffee, a car, a confession and a cross come together to grant them redemption from their past and hope for the future.

Katie Mettner grew up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and moved to the Northwoods where she now resides with her husband and three children. Katie writes spicy Christian romance and is the author of The Sugar series and The Northern Lights series. Her stories are a reflection of her love for family, intricately woven with life experience. When the gales of November blow early you can find her at the computer with a cup of joe working on her next adventure.


“Grant?” The voice on the other end of the line was quiet, but panicked. I sat up straight in bed, and had my feet on the floor before I was aware I was awake.
“Carla? What’s wrong?” I asked jumping into a pair of jeans and throwing on a sweatshirt, cursing when my toe caught the edge of the bed.
“Grant, Grant can you help?” She said rather out of breath, and my fuzzy brain realized she hadn’t been gone more than twenty minutes.
“Red, tell me what you need. I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong.” I said steadily realizing she wasn’t acting right.
“I had an accident. I need help.” She explained calmly, maybe too calmly.
I grabbed my trail boots and stuffed my feet into them, bracing the phone under my ear as I tied them, “Red, where are you? Can you call the police?”
I grabbed my keys off the hook and ran out the door impatiently waiting for the garage door to go up on this very cold morning.
“I can’t call the police, I called you. You can come help me. You can come help me, right?” Her voice was sounding more agitated with each word. I slid into the car, gunning it into reverse and tossing gravel behind the tires when I accelerated onto the road.
“Carla, tell me where you are.” I tried to keep an even tone so she wouldn’t get scared. There is only one way to Duluth from my house, which at least narrowed down the area where she would be.
“I can’t really see where I am. My arm hurts, the seatbelt hurts.” She started to cry softly.
“I’m coming sweetheart, just keep talking to me. Can you unfasten the seatbelt?” I asked, driving down Highway 61 slowly, thankful there wasn’t much traffic this time of day. That would end soon though, and I knew I didn’t have much time to find her.

“I, I think I’m upside down.” 

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