Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Review: Silver Knight by Caron Rider

Diana is a 17 year old girl getting ready to go into her senior year of high school, president of their book club but she has scary dreams every night where she is killed by demons.  One mysterious handsome black haired man pops up in most dreams along the way.  Are these past lives or are they just nightmares.
A priest she helped in the past calls out for help from the Light Warriors.  So she makes a trip to Rome where she feels she is pulled to, to help.

This is another book I had issues with not wanting to put it down so I could get some sleep.  Caron Rider draws you in with events throughout history tying to different characters in the book I find completely fascinating.  I have so many questions running through my head I would love to ask but will probably be in the 2 sequels to follow.

Diana is a strong brave young lady willing to run off to Rome to help the priest she had saved in the seventies.  She faces her fears of meeting the stranger.  She has the support of her BFF and her BFF's boyfriend. 

Alexander has a rich history with Diana throughout the book you will be dying to find out more and more. 

Other characters pop up in the book but to discuss too far would potentially give key information away.

I highly recommend reading Silver Knight.  It is an intricately woven story that will draw you in and you will just want more.  She even took characters I didn't think twice about until you learn more throughout the book.

Hope you enjoyed the review again I love hearing  feedback.
<3 Tobi

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  1. I am glad that you liked it, Tobi. I promise there are more good things to come in the next one! Thanks so much for the review!