Monday, April 7, 2014

Hottie McTottie Monday

Happy Hottie McTottie Monday!
Today I'm featuring a book from one of my FAVE authors!
I got addicted to Kimberly Rayes books with the Dead End Dating Series!
This is a great book and is a bit spicier than most books I share with y'all! ;)
I read this book before I started blogging but it's definitely a 4-5 Basket book!
RANCE is the ideal Cowboy Hottie McTottie 

Men have never given tomboy Deanie Codge a second look. But that's about to change. She's signing up for two weeks at Camp E.D.E.N., a notorious island retreat, to discover her inner sex kitten. And then there'll be no stopping her!

When he offered to keep an eye on Deanie for her brother, cowboy Rance McGraw never dreamed that he wouldn't be able to take his eyes off her. His childhood nemesis has turned into a gorgeous woman--one he doesn't want fooling around with anyone but him! So he does everything he can to sabotage her--from directing her to the wrong kissing her on the taking her for a roll in the sand....
And discovers that a tough Texas cowboy is no match for a sex kitten unleashed...

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